All the Cool Honors Grads Sing WonderPets

I was home sick one day in high school, lying miserably on the couch wishing I could try one of those nifty out-of-body experiences and leave my suffering behind.  Too sick to sleep but also too sick to do anything requiring much mental capabilities, I searched for something to watch on TV.  Since it was midmorning, a time when the viewing audience primarily consists of preschoolers and stay-at-home parents, it was either infomercials or kids’ shows.

As I flipped through the channels, I came across a gerbil, turtle, and duckling singing together: “There’s a cowww!  Stuck in a treeeee!  We have to help it!”

OK, I thought.  Now I have to know.  How the heck did a cow get stuck in a tree?

Within a few seconds, the pets were flying (in their toy sailboat) to rescue the baby cow, which had been deposited in the tree by a passing tornado.  Their chirpy dialogue referenced lyrics from the musical Oklahoma! and the gerbil was now wearing a cowboy hat.

And that’s how I got hooked on WonderPets.  Naturally I shared the wonder with Bird.

This past weekend we were cutting up pound cake for the graduation party (because by the way, my little sister is officially a high school graduate!) and I had to hold the cutting board down while Bird sliced.  So we started singing: “What’s gonna work?  Teeeeeamwork!  What’s gonna work?  Teeeeeamwork!”  And then the theme song.  Because we had to.

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