Depression 2.0, Now With Fun New Features

I haven’t written here in a while – longer than a while, really, but let’s ignore the specifics. I haven’t written because the words have been gone.

I’ve reached for them, certainly. I could show you all the drafts I’ve half-started, all the snippets scribbled in an optimistically blank notebook that promise this time I’ll truly Start Writing Again, this time the words will be back for good.

But I’ve been busy with other things.

Shortly after finding gainful employment that fits beautifully with my past experience and skill set, I entered another major depressive episode. Except it was different, so I doubted myself. It didn’t seem like Last Time, more like a vaguely distant cousin of Last Time, and I wasn’t sure if I should be worried yet. Then my counselor announced she was closing her practice, and I burst into tears in my new boss’s office, and I had to leave church because I was shaking, and I thought perhaps I should be worried.

I found a new counselor relatively quickly, whom I am still seeing, and in my intake appointment she asked the usual series of questions. I told her I had depression, I already knew that, and she said she would ask anyway.

Turns out I also have anxiety and a touch of a panic disorder. Neat.

I’ve been learning what my new symptoms look like, what works for me in this season of life, and what old coping methods I can no longer lean on. One thing was the same, though. I wasn’t reading. And with me it’s a short distance from reading to writing.

So I’ve been absent here, not because there’s been a shortage of things worth writing about (in fact I tried, many times, to write about the things I was feeling, suspecting that if I could pin them to the page I might process them better, but they slipped out of my grasp) but because my brain did not want to give me that option.

I think I’m back now. We’ll see. But this post came easily, and that’s a start.

Found on Pinterest from The Paris Review. It expressed the sentiment well.


2 thoughts on “Depression 2.0, Now With Fun New Features

  1. leatherneck6693 September 20, 2019 / 8:34 pm

    Grace, I was so excited when I saw the email post – “The Changling Lives!” I screamed. Then I read the post. I have learned a great many things not to say to someone with depression so “First, do no harm” is still good advice.

    I love you Grace. You are such a funny, fiercely intelligent, young woman. I have learned so much about depression from reading Jenny Lawson’s books and website “The Bloggess” so i will suffice to say that. I will pray for you – and Matthew, because this is his fight as well. I will send air hugs and hope that you find the assistance you need to push that monster back in its cage.

    • Grace (the Changeling) September 23, 2019 / 8:07 am

      “The Changeling lives” had me smothering laughter at my desk at work. Thanks, Jim, for all your encouragement all these years. We’re doing better, I promise!

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